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Oh Come, Let Us Adore Him

For the third year in a row, I have watched The Passion of the Christ on Good Friday. For the third year in a row, I have cried like a baby. But I think I cried harder this time than any other time I watched it.

Looking back, I can see little signs of how God has begun to prepare me for last night, but little could prepare me for the stark understanding of the truth that flooded my heart as all the little things culminated in the viewing of that movie. Jesus has been using Mary to teach me about the Annunciation (post in progress!) and about the beautiful mystery it was, and I have been drawn more and more to songs by Kelly Pease and Danielle Rose from Mary's point of view, to a deeper understanding of how His whole life led to calvary and how painful that road would been, especially for those dearest and closest to Him.

LAst year, I expected to walk the sorrowful road with Mary, but instead walked with John and Magdalene. This year, I walked both with and beside Mary and learned …

Living in the Saturday

Saturday of Holy Week is probably one of the most often looked over. We have the tragedy and mercy poured out on Good Friday, and we have the glory and power of Easter. But what about that day in between? What about that Saturday?

I admit, the only reason I ever cared about Holy Saturday before was because it was the day my favorite mass of the year was on - the Easter Vigil, but even that is for Easter, not for Saturday. Saturday was a day of mourning, of waiting, of uncertainty. Jesus was God, right? Then why was He able to die? He said something about 3 days, but what did that mean? This was a time of shock and sorrow, pure and simple.

God. Died.

Yup. Shock and sorrow.

But, there is another aspect that I think is important. And that is the understanding that while we have died to our old selves, we still wait for our resurrection. Our souls are made new, but we still have our earthly bodies, and, if we are honest, we will admit that we have a hard time keeping the old self in the t…

Just One Hour

This is a transcription from my journal from tonight. 

As I sit outside in the Rosary Garden tonight, Holy Thursday, I am reminded of Christ's Agony. That is where His Passion started, not before Pilate. Full aware of the horrors about to come, He prayed. And he begged His dearest friends to pray with Him.

But they had just eaten a good meal, and they were tired and ready for bed So, they kept dozing off, and Jesus begged them to remain awake, not just for His sake, though I imagine He greatly desired their company and support. When they did not give it, an Angel came and ministered to Him, but it was not the same.

Today, tonight, Jesus sits on the eve of His passion in the garden. He will not die again tomorrow, but daily, He offers Himself to the Father on our behalf, and daily He offers Himself for us -to us. His agony is not that of being flayed to an inch of His life then beaten, bruised, crucified, and mocked. Instead, His agony is watching us commit the sins that brought th…

"In Re-membrance of Me."

"Why is this night different from every other night?" the youngest child at a Passover celebration asks. He or she is then answered by being told that this night is the night that God delivered His people from slavery through miraculous deeds. Jews celebrating the Passover did not simply recall what happened all those years ago. Rather, they re-membered themselves to their forefathers, placing themselves back in time. While they were not in Egypt physically, they were in Egypt spiritually. They were partaking of the mystery of their redemption in the format put forth by God through his faithful (and sometimes not so faithful) servant Moses.

Is it any wonder then that Jesus chose this week, so rich with meaning, to be the last week He shared with His Apostles before His passion? Is it any wonder that He chose to take the Passover meal and show them how it too was being perfected in the New Covenant?

Christ came as the passover lamb, His blood was shed for our sins and covers…