True Humanity

At the Christmas Eve mass this year, one of our seminarians (one studying toward the priesthood) did the homily (sermon), and he reminded me of something I hadn't thought of in a while.

Christ did not just come to earth to experience our humanity. He didn't come just to restore our humanity. He came to show us our humanity. Humanity, as originally intended, did not look as we see it now. It was "very good" (Unless, of course, we believe that God was mistaken in Genesis.). When sin entered the world, we became a little less good.

However, with the coming of Christ, with the giving of his life and Spirit, we are able to again strive toward that "Very Good." We begin to be called again to a higher standard of living, to model the behavior of Christ and those he called to follow him.

Christ came, as a humble baby. But he didn't stay a baby. He grew up, became a boy who discussed matters with the priests. He became a man who taught, healed, and challenged people to recall more than just legalism. He, despite being 100% human, never fell into the trap of sin. He remained the blameless lamb.

He showed us what we could do with His Grace. We too are capable of following His footsteps. We have the ability to take up our crosses and follow him. We have the ability to embrace the humanity we were originally offered.

We can choose to be slaves to a partial humanity. Or, we can take our place as "little lower than the angels" and embrace the true humanity that Christ models for us.


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