Lessons from Cats: Sleeping in the Wrong Places

(I wrote this last night just before I went to bed.)

We have 5 cats, and invariably, at least one or two of them will choose my room to sleep in, and often my bed as well. Tonight is no different. I have Ava and Rufus sleeping on my bed.... right where I want to put my feet. I, mildly annoyed, mildly amused, asked a friend why cats always choose the most inconvenient places to sleep and then get annoyed when we try to move them.

And then I stopped and wondered if God ever thinks that about us. Do we often curl up to sleep in places that, while they look good, really aren't?

I mean, we have the fuzzy blankets, the places we – or someone else – already made warm, we have someone to cuddle with... we have everything we could want. Why on earth would we want to be woken up and moved to a different place that's cold and not as comfortable? Why on earth would we want to move off of the warm laptop to the cold pillow?

Well, maybe God wants us to move so that He can put His feet there. Or maybe He's working on something and He needs us out of the way for a few minutes to do so. Maybe He just knows that there's a safer place to lay, one where we're not about to fall off the bed or get kicked in the middle of the night.

So, when God tries to move us, maybe we should sheath our claws and stop growling at Him and let Him move us to where He knows is best.


  1. My cat needs to read this... ;-)

    Very insightful, as always. Thank you, Bri!

    1. haha, I know. Mine just give me baleful looks when I try to move them. *rolls eyes*


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