More than Bread and Wine Part 5: Ramifications

Why Does it Matter?

Most of us would agree that we must be “born again” because Jesus said so, though He only used those words twice. Why then do we not take Christ literally when He says, many times, that we must eat His flesh? Paul also reiterates this fact, as do all the early apologists and early church writers.

Unfortunately, this is not an area where we can “agree to disagree.” We can disagree, but we cannot ever think we can both be right. One of us is right, one of us is wrong.

Either that is Jesus upon the altar as has been professed since the First Century, or Christians have been idolaters until the reformation. Therefore, until the reformation, no true Christians were around, and even then, only one or two got it right. Either the same Church that put together the cannon of the New Testament (since we all agree on the NT books that were put together by the Early Church Councils) was a blaspheming idolater, or that is Jesus upon the altar. Either the Church was guided by the Holy Spirit in putting those books together in this but she was not guided in making a doctrine concerning the Body and Blood of Christ, or that is Jesus upon the altar.

Either that is Jesus, or Catholics everywhere - including me - are idolaters. And if it is Jesus on the altar, as was taught for 2000 years, then what would keep you from it?

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Part 5: Ramifications


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