Why the Church is Not Against Women

Well, the number of reasons are really too many to number, but I will focus on one.

In almost all religions, the archetypal member is male, and most of their societies are heavily emphasized on the male. And while, yes, it is true, that the Church does not teach that women can be preachers, Christianity is one of the only religions that has for the archetypal member, a woman.

Despite the fact that Jesus chose twelve apostles, declared that the Church would be built on Simon, then renamed Peter, rose Paul to such a position of power and authority, the Church does not promote them as the model Christians.

They could. They are all beautiful examples of Christianity. Paul himself says to imitate him and thus imitate Christ, but you will rarely hear Paul put forward as the model Christian. You will hear Peter put forward as the model for repentance (and also Mary Magdalene), but you will rarely have him put forward - outside of anecdotes - as the model Christian.

The person who is set forward as the model Christian is a woman. A young girl who accepts the Word of God, who brings Him to the nations, and who followed Him on every stage of His journey. She was an embodiment of the two parts of femininity which are most unique to woman: Virginity and Motherhood.

Granted, virginity is something both men and women can posses, but it is highly esteemed - or was until recent days - in women especially. Women were meant to be pure, and it is to purity that Christ calls each of us when he says "Blessed are the Pure of Heart." It is to them that God will show His face. And it was to the pure Woman that God came.

However, if ever there was one thing that separated men from women, it would not be their strength, it would not be the amounts of hair that grow, it would not be the ranges they can sing, it would be that one can be a mother and one cannot (without changing the natural process and biology of life). Only a woman can be nurturing. Only a woman can - together with man and God - make life. While not all Christians are women, all Christians are called to have this same spirit. We are called to love, to be compassionate, to be self-sacrificing. We are called to bear new life - both ours and the seeds we plant. We are called to nurture, to feed, to clean up, and to teach - just as a mother is.

Christianity does not look to the one who would become the spokesperson for the twelve, it does not look to the great philosopher and well studied man, it does not look to any of the men that were chosen by Christ to be His followers. Instead, Christianity looks to the meek, the humble, the one who is both weak and strong, the overlooked - especially in a patriarchal society - and looks to the Mother who stands in the background. No where else do you find a better example of a Christian.

If the Church were against women, would she identify herself as a woman? Would she look to a woman rather than a man as the model believer? Would they have such an emphasis on the feminine side of faith and Church? No, She would not. Whereas many religions demean their women to the role they can play in bearing sons, Christianity recognizes the inherent femininity in the very nature of the Body of Christ and brings a Woman to the forefront to lead the way to the Christ.


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