Happy Mother's Day, Mommies!

This blog was dedicated to my two Mothers. So, let me brag a bit about them.

My Earthly Mommy, Brenda:

As a kid, she was one of my best friends. She taught me how to talk, how to value prayer and scripture, how to be creative, how to bake - and to enjoy the batter too! If dad couldn't fix it, mom could. She showed me that nothing was impossible and no one was unlovable. When I was a little girl, I was often called "Mini-mom" and I can't lie: I wanted to be just like her.

When she got ill, losing that constant was one of the hardest things I'd ever had to deal with. But she'd raised a woman who wouldn't buckle under pressure though I came pretty close a couple times. It was only because of the way she and my father raised me that I was able to push on, get my degree, and be the woman I am. She says that I excelled despite her and my father's weaknesses. I disagree. I excelled because of their love and instruction.

And though my mother often does annoy me by turning the news on so loud it can be heard through the house, by being her politics obsessed self, and such, I cannot thank God enough for her. And I am still proud to be told I am like my mother. Thank you, Mommy!

My Heavenly Mama, Mary:

This woman is the reason I love her Son as much as I do, end of discussion. My mom laid the groundwork, Jesus made the fruit grow, but I credit Mary (working with her Spouse, the Holy Spirit) for leading me closer to Jesus. (I have a blog post coming on this). She was the mother I needed when mine was ill, she was the Mother I needed when my mother was well. She was the Woman at Cana, the Mother at the Manger, the Woman at the Cross for me as I matured in my faith. Each day, she has led me closer and closer to Her son. My faith would not be internalized without Her guidance and intercession. My faith wouldn't be but a shadow of what it is if not for her, and I look forward to getting to Heaven and being able to give her a hug.

I cannot put into words how blessed I am to have Mary as a mother in Heaven and my mother as mother on earth. So, I say Happy Mother's Day to both of them and to all Mothers in the world, but especially those who have been influential in my life. May God bless you!


  1. And now it would appear that you are like your earthly mother as well, given even an appropriate nickname! Your mother rubbed off. Someday, maybe, even if years from now, you'll just find yourself turning the talking heads up louder, and realize.... "Hey, I'm my mother's daughter." You've really touched on what a lot of us feel about our mothers.

    "Do whatever He tells you." Mama Mary is such a powerful intercessor, if we only yet call to her.


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