Married to the Spirit

Yesterday, it seems, was the day for weddings. A couple at my church were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary (pray for them and for all married couples!) and I got to witness two of my dear friends, Ashley and Israel, marry each other. It was beautiful. And yes, I cried - like a baby!

One of the things I loved about their wedding was that Ashley and Israel decided not to change the gospel from what the gospel of the day was. Instead of finding something like the Wedding at Cana or a "Love one another as I have loved you" or something like that, they kept the reading for the feast of the day: The Annunciation. (Since the 25th of March fell in Holy Week, the feast was moved to the Saturday after Easter).

For their wedding, they chose to have the wedding of God the Spirit and a mortal woman read. This, I think, was absolutely beautiful. Think about it. An Angel comes as an emissary and tells a young girl that the God of the Universe wishes her to bear His Child and bring Him to the world. Perplexed as to how this will be, she asks. The answer given is that the Holy Spirit will "overshadow" her.

But what does that word mean? Well, there are several allusions here, but I will bring out three that I think are really cool.

First, is that the Spirit overshadowed or hoovered over the waters at the beginning of time.

Secondly, it can allude to the Shekinah glory cloud that led the Israelites by pillar of fire at night and cloud during the day. This is the same cloud that hoovered over the early tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant.

Thirdly, and this one is my favorite, it alludes to the bridal canopy and the cloak a husband puts over his wife as they are married (Ruth 3:9 also alludes to this).

The answer to her question of how she will bear the God-child is that the Spirit will wed her and conceive in her womb a Son, God. The Spirit will "overshadow" the young girl, and she will carry and bear God to the world.


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