A Little, Splintered Chair

You know what one of the amazing things about God is? Even though He has a Glorious Throne in Heaven, though He has countless souls who are much holier than I, though He has the angels who can actually see Him in all of His Glory, He still wants to come to me. He desires that my heart be a throne for Him.

My heart is unworthy. It's little, in has the splinters of sin, and yet, my Jesus, the God who created the world, who breathed life into me wants to come and be enthroned on my little splintered chair.  

I was pondering this at mass tonight, and, you know, it was humbling. Not just that He would want to come to little ol' me, but because I really have nothing much to offer Him. My heart is tiny compared to this world, but it is where Jesus wants to dwell. Despite it's littleness, He cherishes the haven only I can offer. He wants to, as St. Therese reminds us, "find another heaven, the heaven of our soul in which He loves to dwell."

He doesn't mind that it's crude, that it isn't covered in silks and plush cushions. Instead, the Carpenter is happy to come and help me learn to sand it, to polish it, and to finish it. He teaches me Himself, and He teaches me through other people. Some people add more splinters to my chair, but many others help me find them, smooth them out, and make my heart less rough for my Jesus.

So, I welcome Jesus humbly to my little splintered chair and enjoy the time Jesus spends with me on it.


  1. Brianna, you don't give yourself enough credit. You may not be a gold, velvet-covered throne, but you are more than a little splintered chair!


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