Oh, Peter....

Have you ever sat and just thought about the personalities of the apostles who walked with Jesus? It's kind of amusing, actually. Especially when you get to Peter. This is a man of passion! At times, a rather reckless one. And this is a man of extremes. Here's just a couple.

Peter has the faith to say, "Tell me to come out onto the water," but as soon as he gets out there, he starts drowning.

Peter says, "You are God!" and he argues with Jesus about what His mission looks like.

He is terrified on the mountain top at the transfiguration, then protests when they have to leave.

He protests Jesus washing His feet, then says, "Oh, well, then do all of me!"

He says he will go to his death with Jesus and then denies Him three times in one night.

He has to be told to pick up a sword, but he is the only one who swings it.

Do you ever wonder if Jesus simply shook his head, chuckled a little, and said, "Oh, Peter..." when Peter did something like that? Peter was a man of passion, and rather unrefined passion at that. He is a wonderful example of "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." And that, I think, is why He, not John, who was at the foot of the cross the whole time and who was the beloved disciple or one of the lesser known apostles was asked to "Tend and feed the flock of Christ." I think that is why He, not James, the first to shed his blood or Paul, the great orator was told that he would have to strengthen his brethren after they had all been tested by Satan.

Peter wonderfully encapsulated a fallen human that was made the rock. Despite his many failings, he was the spokesperson, the one who did the bold and the dangerous, even when people assumed him drunk for it. It was he who called the people to order and who told of the need for a replacement for Judas. It was he who became the first prime minister in the Kingdom of God.

I sometimes wonder if it was him to give hope to all who follow him as part of the flock or if it was to prefigure the fact that not all who were selected would be the best and most faithful of leaders. Yet one more question to ask when I get to heaven. And, if I dare say so, I look forward to meeting this passionate follower of our Lord and see if his sense of irony still persists in a glorified manner.


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